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i’m going to amsterdam this tuesday! any suggestions or friends i can hang with? wanna meet some kewl people (: ?

theadventuresofanamericangay asked: So I just found you through MNEK on Thursday and literally haven't stopped listening to PIMMS since then. It's soooo good omg. Please tell me you're making more music soon? Your voice is perfect. & you're also extremely gorgeous. Okay, I'm done lolll.

Haaa thanks! thats really nice of you (:

I’m wrapping up my LP titled Young Fashioned, so you’ll be hearing more in November ;)


jungle--gardenia asked: I was listening to a FADER mix on SoundCloud, and when it ended PIMMS started playing! Your voice and sound are amazing! I looked you up right away.

Wow, thanks! that means a lot :D more new music soon xxxx <3

i sure wish my tumblr community would listen like and comment…. ;)

Produced by @Flowzart

Co Produced by @MilesFrancis

Mixed and Engineered by Miles Francis

Artwork by Pullen of FleurNoir

Young Fashioned





♡ ♡ ♡

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Craving a bit of New York


cher is giving me everything & so much moreeeee OMG

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